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IMPORTANT: For us to create an amazing video for you we need some basic information. Besides the obvious questions we also need to source some images / video to use. You either need to show us where they are located (ie website or social media sites etc) or you can upload them from your computer or mobile.

Make sure you let us know what TEXT you want to add to your video in STEP 3 under Business Features. (You also have 1 revision opportunity to change the text so you are 100% OK with it.)

After you fill in this form you will be redirected to a Payment Page where you can pay by Credit Card or Paypal.

Step 1: What duration and video size would you like.(Compulsory Fields)

30sec video ($100)60Sec video ($200)

Portrait (Perfect for Phones)Square (Great for all devices)Theatre (16:9 Mainly for Websites or Youtube)

Step 2: Please enter your details so we can contact you easily.

Step 2: Tell us about your business

Please upload your logo (best quality) or should we just use the one from your website
File types allowed are .jpg .png .eps .ai .psd .pdf .doc .docx .gif

Mention and show your physical address

Step 3: Where is the best place to find images and videos - or upload images now.

Use images from these locations. Unless specified in section 4 (below) we will use images / videos from the sites your ticked.

Your WebsiteFacebookInstagramYoutube ChannelTwitterPinterestOther (Please specify)

UPLOAD IMAGES HERE that you want displayed - You can select multiple images.
(Please no more than 10 images and total max size is 15MB.
Files allowed are .jpg .png .pdf .doc .docx .gif)

Step 4: Any special instructions?

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